Friday 27 March 2009

Thanks to Jenny Moors, I now have a blog - so thanks Jenny.

I have been making almost daily excuses why I shouldn't have one - like:

what should I call it?
will my cards be good enough?
will I have time to post?

These questions would be going round my head as I blog hopped.

On Wednesday evening I went to the Newbury Stampin' Up training evening and met lots of lovely ladies, many of whom have their own blogs. We did lots of swaps, I was so nervous about mine that I didn't even put my name on it! That was partly nerves and partly because I have never swapped before and didn't really know what to do!

Anyway, I was so pleased with the swaps that I received I wanted to thank the ladies, whom I had the details of and the result of that thanking and swapping is my very own blog!

I will update and put some photos of some of my cards and scrapbook pages when I learn how to do that bit!

Enjoy and have a great day.