Tuesday 5 December 2017

Groovi Parchment Craft Christmas cards - with Silhouette!

Hello friends,

I've been mixing my stash of designer papers, stamps, inks, Groovi plates, dies and of course my Silhouette Cameo to make a few Christmas cards.  These were made by the ladies who came to my Groovi classes during November.

I wanted to share how to use large ball tools and shader tools to white emboss on Parchment for a larger area and I also wanted to show my students how to change up their Groovi nested plates a little, using these techniques we made this card....

Can you see how we used a few dots to break up the lines on the Groovi nested circle, I was really pleased to come up with that one, I hadn't seen it before.  We used Pergamano pencils to colour in the bits that are coloured, blended the colouring with a tiny amount of alcohol and then very gently embossed the body and face of the snowman.  I'd still rather not use brads on parchment, so like usual, I made a frame to fit perfectly, on my Silhouette Cameo.

After photographing the card I thought it needed a little something extra so I produced a matching rim, again using my Silhouette machine.

The next technique I wanted to share was how to make beautiful coloured parchment papers similar to the Clarity ones.  I love the Clarity ones, I think all the ladies I teach here own them, but I really wanted to try and make my own, choosing the colours that I like....

I die cut the parchment using a dotted frame die, on the back we dabbed (with a sponge) Brushos mixed with alcohol, it was great fun.  We stuck the star die cut on the the front and hid Perga glue behind the bits on there to attach the parchment to the background mat and card.  Again not a brad in sight, just carefully dotted glue ;)!

Our final card was actually more about the envelope than the card, to be honest.  I found a great envelope made by someone on Pinterest and thought it would be a fabulous parchment project.  I made one in parchment but it wasn't great (I wasn't careful enough with the scoring so the parchment tore a little bit in places), I showed my students and we decided to go with making a paper one in class, they then had the option of making a parchment one at home.

The card is very simple!  There are actually two different ways of folding the envelope for two different effects, you'll work that out if you make one!

I hope I've inspired you to change up those nested Groovi plates and try a little something new with your parchment craft.

Happy crafting.

Carole x