Friday 9 April 2010

Should I have been a cook?

Hey ladies,

Most of my regular ladies do know that I do like to cook, when I get a chance that is! lol

For our Easter Sunday roast I decided to try the well advertised Chicken dish from Delia/Waitrose. You all know I just love to shop at Waitrose, my excuse is that it is my most local supermarket and I don't spend too long in there at a time and time is money!

Well we all really enjoyed the meal, in fact it was the best Chicken dish I had ever cooked the only problem was that the house was full of smoke, one of my tops was ruined (oh no, what will I wear now!) with the splattered fat as it came out of the oven and of course the oven, well you have never seen such a mess! I pride myself with a clean oven, in fact I clean it every time I use it - check it out next time you are here. I hate dirty ovens, the one that I had had before was here for 20 years and was still in prestine condition, looked liked it was unused and I was sad to see it in the skip.

Well back to Delia's lovely chicken, we decided to write a comment on the Waitrose website, I half rememeber Kim writing it and checking it was OK, I don't know where the name came from "Stressbunny", obviously how I was feeling at time with the site of my splattered top and oven! I still recommend this recipe check it out, you can print it out with my comment to remind you if you like!,_grapes_and_tarragon.aspx

Happy cookin'

Must do some craftin'


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