Friday 23 July 2010

I must not swear .........

But I'm going to!   I've been CLEANING! - So sorry to have sworn, please forgive me!!!

I've nothing to show you today, here on my blog, but you should come over and see how clean Kim's bedroom is and how clean all my outside white plastic window frames, windows and facias are!  They are amazingly clean and sparkling!  I'm sooooooo pleased with myself!

I've also had a friend over who helped me clear out some old card/project samples, well it took us ages deciding what to do with them?  Do we revamp?  Do we just chuck? or Can any of it go to charity?  Well we sorted it all appropiately and I'm really pleased that I now have room for some more new samples, so I had better get making!!!

Well, when I've done my paperwork!!!!  Thats next - funny how its always next!!

I'm out doing my other new hobby tomorrow and perhaps I will do some paperwork on Sunday and Monday, as I'm now hoping to go away on Tuesday - Wed/Thurs next week.  Some of our friends moved to Dorset at Christmas and I'm dying to have a "nose" at their new home (I feel it necessary to picture my friend in her home surroundings when I call her), so I phoned and have arranged a visit!  Lets call it a mini holiday, I'm sure I need one of those!  And she lives close to Martin Clunes, so that makes my visit even more necessary, he hasn't met me yet!

So while I'm cleaning, tidying, clearing out and getting on top of my post, filing and books, I hope you can be having a great time out in the sunshine or crafting.

I will be back as soon as I'm up-to-date, but in the mean time, if you need anything from Stampin' Up or want to come over let me know!

Happy crafting.


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  1. hope you have a lovely time in dorset
    love sue xx