Saturday 21 August 2010

My card for "HOPE"

Its been a bit of a miserable week for me, I've heard news that just sends me right down in the dumps!  I am someone who often suffers the pain of others, even if I don't know them at all well, or in deed at all!   I have also been greatly saddend this week by the news of one of my own family members doing very well who has used money "willed" to my girls and refuses to pay them their inheritance.  People have a cheek, fancy conning money out of a very sick person and making promises that they haven't kept.  I am sure my mother is turning in her grave with whats happening.

This morning in my email inbox came an email of a blog update that I follow, the lovely Keren Baker.  She writes some lovely blog posts,  I don't always stop and read the whole of her posts, but when I do I seem to come away feeling that I've learned something.  Her card today was a card of HOPE, she wrote about the rain she had endured during her recent family holiday but was grateful for the blessings in her life and she mentioned the Pakistan flood crisis. 

Her card of HOPE has helped me today, I have used her idea and CASED it, I am calling it my therapy today, I've made it for all of the following reasons:

I hope that all the people in the world who are suffering can find some peace and happiness in their lives.

I hope that all the people doing wrong, will find ways of putting things right.

I hope that everyone suffering life threatening and life limiting illnesses can make the most of each day.

I hope that the economy picks up enough so that people searching for jobs can find one.

I hope people suffering loneliness can find comfort and friendships.

I hope all who suffer depression can be gently lifted out of it.

I hope that all who are sick, in pain, or have broken bones can be healed quickly.

These are just a few "hopes" that are springing to mind today and this card is for all who feel the need for a little bit of HOPE.

If you would like to see Keren's card check out her web site here:

Well I'm feeling so much better now that I have counted my blessings, there are many.  Thanks to Keren for making me count them today.

Have a great crafty day.



  1. I feel honoured that you've been inspired by my blog. So often I write it, wondering whether anyone ever reads it! Your post in turn has made me pause and reflect on what you've written. Thanks right back at ya!!! xx ps- like your version too!!

  2. Carole, hope you are feeling more cheerful, we all get days like that when things don't seem fair. Knowing you you will have already bounced right back. Take care x