Thursday 9 December 2010

I must be Crackers!

Its already the 9th day of Christmas and I'm not getting on with it basically!  The trouble is, I have so many plans and so little time!

I did though help the ladies of Harwell W.I. get on with their Christmas preparations by showing them last night how to make a re-usable Christmas Cracker.  I have been making these crackers now for a few years and although I vow every year that I won't teach them again someone talks me into it!

These crackers are not too difficult to make but trying to get 30 W.I. ladies making them at the same time can be quite a laugh!  They are made on rolling pins and ladies are asked to bring along their own - well you probably can imagine how many different types and sizes of rolling pins turn up and thats when the class turns into fits of giggles!  I tell them I am talking about rolling pins, but somehow they have other things on their minds when I mention "Oh that's a big one - where on earth did you get that one"!  Well as the making of them goes on, the inuendoes continue and making them seems to be so difficult!

There was a lovely lady there last night, she was having a little bit of difficulty half way through and when I went to investigate I saw that hers was an extremely short one - I told the rest of the class that this poor lady only had a little one and it wasn't working at all well, when she replied "Oh this isn't a rolling pin, my husband told me that I didn't need my rolling pin and his tube of mastic stuff would be fine"!  I asked her to pass a message back to her husband that went something like "please tell your husband that if the instructions request a rolling pin then a tube of mastic stuff won't work! Or words to the same effect!

By the end of the evening, there were many lovely crackers to be seen and a few ladies told me that they had enjoyed the laugh - thank goodness, I came home exhausted and needed a little something to help me calm down after the event.

Hope your Christmas preparations are going better than mine.......happy crafting.


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  1. Hey you! I've left you an award on my blog! Hope you had a really lovely Christmas xx