Wednesday 6 July 2011

New crafting buddies

Gosh I'm back again, I haven't blogged this much ever!

Well I just wanted to link you to my new friends blogs, firstly Debbie, who came over to craft with me this afternoon.  We made the card that she has put on her blog so check that out. You will recognise my current favourite style and my toilet paper butterflies!

And Sharon, who I met at the weekend at the Newbury craft show. I am hoping to see her again at my next Charney Bassett meeting.

It was great to look at your blogs ladies, you both seem much better at blogging than me - its just taken me an hour or so to do the links on mine !!! lol.

Happy crafting and blog hopping.



  1. Hi aagain, just left a message on your post below, but thanks again for the wonderful card. I've found Charney Bassett now and it's not far, I drove past it yesterday on the way to Millets farm!! I can't wait until the 23rd :-). I'm still pretty slow at blogging too!! Love all your cards you've done. See you soon x

  2. Hi Carole

    Have just found your blog via Debbie .. .. loving the look of those butterflies. Will have to give them a try .. .. though mine loo roll isn't Andrex!! So if they don't look good when I have finished I will lay the blame on that!!! LOL!!!

    Love Jules xx

  3. hi carole, next time i come round i will give you a hand with your blog if you like? put some links on or something?
    speak to you soon
    Debbie xx