Monday 19 September 2011

Happy Birthday Kim!!!

As I mentioned in my last post, it's my daughter's birthday today and I'm just feeling a little sad as I'm missing her.  She is abroad travelling and I thought I'd post her card (well all of them, from her family and friends too) she even sent me an address, but after thinking about it, she is only renting an apartment for a week this week and I didn't know when best to send it, to get there and I also thought the cards could arrive and they would be locked in a locked postbox at the foot of the apartment block and only the owner would have a key.  So I've emailed her a picture of her card and she can have it along with the rest of her cards and prezzies when she finally gets home after her very long year abroad.

I hope you like her card, there is a little Sneak Peek from the new catalogue, can you spot what is new?

Well lots to do again, I have a major clean up operation to complete round here, after bringing everything back from my crop on Saturday - the best ever day - it was soooooo funny!!!!

Crafty hugs to everyone.



  1. gorgeous card and one of my fave colour combo's and the flowers look great..i can spot what is new but that might because im considering putting it on my wish list!! x

  2. Lovely card. Happy birthday to your daughter, what a great day to have a birthday.. lol. I just love that punch, it's on my wish list too. Sharon x