Sunday 23 September 2012

A gift for Nurse Suzy

Hello Friends,

Sometimes there is just one small thing that someone can do for a friend, that will make a huge impact on their lives.  This is a little gift, rather funny you might think, but my friend is a district nurse and spends many hours on her knees looking after other peoples legs and poorly feet.

Unfortunately she is someone who is suffering now with her own legs, so I had a little think and hope this little gift idea will help her to help to help others...

I'm hoping that she will be pleased and that it will make some impact on her day to day life.

Sorry about the photos being so dark, I do need to practice with my photography!

Enjoy your Sunday.



  1. Such a sweet gesture Carole. And that tag is fabulous.

    Thanks for visiting my block, I love the location of my craft space, I could multi-task 'cause in between my kitchen and family room. See you in class.