Friday 21 September 2012

Kick Start - Day 5

Hello Friends,

Where is a girl to start????  I know that I said that I wouldn't be cooking or cleaning whilst I was trying to keep up with the fab Online Card Class - Kick Start, but I was only joking!  DH needs a good meal and I do have to stop snacking if I'm ever going to reach the body of my "body double"!

But with the homework commitments I'm definitely sinkin'!  What Kristina and Jennifer didn't realise was that  I had just started to turn a bedroom into my new crafting room, they hadn't a clue how much work was involved when they talked about organisation and tidying - LOL!!!! Perhaps next time, they'll check with me to see how I'm fixed before they give out so much inspiration and homework!

I would love to have made cards like theirs today, but I'm still on the tidying mode and am stuck until I get some stash into my room.  So I have spent some time today getting said stash into said room!  Whilst transferring the box of dies from my garage to my room, I did tidy them ;) - I put them in some sort of order and turned them all the right way around :)!

Whilst sorting them I saw something I did a while ago, with some of my dies.  A crafty friend of mine told me about sticking a large sticky white label to my dies and die cutting them.  You can see from the photo's below what I mean.  I also wished I'd saved all my acetate sleeves with the idea leaflet in, when I worked out that if you just cut off the end tabs of the dies, it makes for easy storage.  See the Stephanie Ackerman ones in the photo's below to see what I mean.............

I'f I'd have thought of this system earlier, I would have been much happier with my storage solution, but at least I know now (although, with the Cameo Silhouette on my desk, I can't imagine buying many more!) lol!

If you look closely at the bottom photo of the hearts, you can even see that I've written the measurements of what size card stock I need to cover the hearts!

Hope it help with storing your Sizzix dies.

Enjoy your day.



  1. Writing the measurements on the die is brillant! I hate measuring over and over and I'll put this idea to work with my dies.

  2. i love being organised, looks fab x