Saturday 22 September 2012

Kick Start - Day 5

Dear Friends,

I got into crafting last night in my new space and am pleased to say that I think it's definitely going to be a great space to work.  I found my old Ott-Lite, I hadn't used it for years as it didn't go all that well in my old space, I dusted it down and now have a great day light lamp on my desk, which means it will be nicer to craft in the evenings.

After the inspiration yesterday from the Kick Start class and making the card I showed on my blog yesterday, I continued to make cards until pretty late last night.  I made all of these.........

All are using a glitter technique, either two different colours or all white with some if it coloured with markers.

Enjoy your day, I'm not crafting today, until I've done my ironing - the pile I have is distressing me!  Oh and I have a glitter clean up operation to complete, I might start there ;) !

Happy crafting.



  1. Beautifully done! Loving the glittery goodness!

  2. Lovely, lovely cards. You're inspiring me to think "Christmas".

  3. oh no can't think about christmas yet but love the cards
    love suexx