Sunday 9 September 2012

My craft room

Good morning friends,

I'm just popping into my blog to update you on my craft room progress.  I now have a desk ............

quite a large one at 90cm wide and 180 cm long, but that's not the best bit..........

the best bit is that it goes up and down, using that little control above!  So I can work at what ever height I like, it should help with all my aches and pains.  I like to stand when I stamp, so I won't be breaking my back and punching out shapes whilst my desk is lower should be a breeze!

Finally here is my posh stool.  It is so comfortable, it is shaped like a riding saddle and goes up and down too!

Later today I hope to get some crafty stash in here so that I can start my new creative journey tomorrow, so watch this space.

Have a great Sunday and happy crafting.



  1. Hi Carole

    That's brilliant .. .. sounds just perfect for you!

    Never seen a desk like that before (or a craft desk that is so tidy - but of course it won't always look like that will it LOL!!)

    You have a good Sunday too.

    Love Jules xx

  2. Looks brilliant but I bet it won't look that tidy for long!!!

  3. Wowee - superdooper! Lucky you! It is better than the ironing board I am currently working on! I would rather be crafting on it that ironing on it though!