Thursday 27 September 2012

Stamping on Veneer

Hello Friends,

I've not been keeping up with my homework!  There is so much inspiration at this Kick Start class that I'm swamped with ideas and as I said in an earlier post, Jennifer and Kristina hadn't realised that this was a very busy time for me ;) !!!

Yesterday and today we have been sent off to play and try new things.  Well I don't really have time to "play" at the moment but I did have a quick play yesterday with Stampin' Up's White Craft ink, but the results weren't as pleasing as I'd hoped, so I need to get back to that one :-(, but I will, next next week, when I have more time.

Today one of the lovely guest tutors used some paper back wood veneer.  This inspiration sent me straight to my garage where I knew I could find a roll of half used worktop edging from years and years back, which I thought would do nicely. I first had a go at die cutting it but it just broke/snapped - so I quickly decided I'd simply stamp and emboss an image and colour it with my Copic's.  The result was great, apart from the fact that the veneer came on a roll and it really doesn't want to lay flat!!!!

Here is my card, you can see the curve a bit, but hey ho, at least it's something new that I haven't tried before.......

Now back to getting ready for my crop which is this Saturday.  My ladies are in for a treat, I'm off to bake up some home made treats (not sure they can scrapbook very well on shop bought treats!).

Hope you have time to craft soon.


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  1. Love the red stain on veneer. Very pretty card, can you put it under something heavy for a bit to flatten out curve/ So creative of you and your trip to the garage!! You go girl!