Thursday 8 November 2012

Holiday Card Workshop - Day 9 (card 2)

Hello Friends,

I'm back with the other card I made after/during class today :) !

My list of favourite crafters is increasing - Julie Ebersole has to be added to my top 5!

Today she taught us a fun technique I hadn't done, let alone thought of before, to learn how to do to it you have to take the lessons, but here's my interpretation..............

I'm showing you two photos of this one!  The top picture shows the embossed lines that the Christmas trees sit on and the bottom embossed line but is a little dark.  The second photo is brighter, but doesn't show the embossed lines at all!

I really loved the technique for making this, even though I needed pigment ink and couldn't find any - as I haven't used it in years, so had to be crafty - but I've been crafting for donkey's years now and know how to get around everything - lol !!!

My lovely neighbour Ann, just loves the words on this card by Charles Dickens, so you know where this card will be heading this Christmas!

Oh, and just letting you know that if I were to make this card again, I'd definitely place my JOY letters closer, after seeing this photo!

Hope you enjoy some crafting time very soon!