Saturday 3 November 2012


Hello Friends,

Just thought I'd pop in to tell you I'm off skiving from my wonderful class!

Yesterday I felt a little weird, a bit heady and sicky and today I woke very early and spent the first hour or two making regular trips to the bathroom.  I felt better once I'd eaten, but can't seem to concentrate on anything.

I think it's a reaction to the Flu injection that I had on Wednesday.  I haven't been out to eat so can't blame that and I'm certainly not going to blame anything I've cooked!

So sorry if you are popping by looking to see what I've made in class.  I'm off out tonight and then tomorrow is another day and hopefully I'll be back firing on all my cylinders (I mean "both" my cylinders - lol !!!).

Hope you managed to make something lovely.

Happy crafting.


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