Wednesday 30 January 2013

Clean & Simple 2 - Day 3 (take two!)

I'm back with my second card.

When I realised it was going to take me a long time to stamp a graded effect with a very thin stamp so I went on the hunt for something a little larger!

This one is obviously too big for what we have been trying to accomplish, but I'm happy with the card......

Now I'm worrying..... I'm worrying about if, I read somewhere that Clean & Simple cards should always be on white!

The technique doesn't really show up very well here, but the inked middle image in green is actually a mix between the bottom colour and the green!

I chose this sentiment, as I have a friend suffering pretty badly, at the moment, with anxiety and she might just find this card land on her door mat soon!

Now for Operation Clean can't make a Clean & Simple card if your work space is a complete mess!

Enjoy and hope you find some time to craft very soon.



  1. This is so Pretty...Perfect Colors!!

  2. Wonderful card!! Love the sentiment - Think I should print it out and hang it up for myself!! :)

  3. Turned out very pretty...I would not have thought to try such a large're giving me ideas. What a thoughtful card for your friend. :)