Friday 15 March 2013

Silhouette Cameo Lesson

Hello Friends,

I seem to have been busy giving private Silhouette Cameo lessons again, with that and all the travelling I've been doing, I haven't had time to design cards, let alone blog them!

I think, with my crafting time being reduced because of work (I'm not complaining ;) - just saying lol!!!) and the extra time it looks like I will spend travelling from now on, I think CASEing is going to have to be my way forward!

I used to spend hours designing cards, I love designing but it takes so much time and with so many fresh and beautiful ideas on the internet, it hardly seems worth my time to redesign the wheel every single time I want to make a card!  I take my iPad everywhere and surf whenever I have a spare moment, it is a great way to pass the time when I'm away from home.  I've even started to send myself emails with links to the cards I like, so that I can find them again when I'm home and have time to create.

I found this lovely card the other day.  I loved the colours especially.  After spending this morning with a lovely lady having a private Silhouette lesson with me about how to do a couple of things in the Silhouette software that she was unsure of, I decided to make a card similar to the card I'd seen, using my Silhouette.  After all I bought my computer and Silhouette down from my very untidy office and with it all clear in my dining room, I took the opportunity to mess that up too!

This is my take on the card I CASE'd.  I thought I'd share with you all how I plan a card using the Silhouette Software.....

In "My own designs" I have a file saved with a rectangle the size of the mat for the front of a normal C5 card, with that selected and bought onto my working screen I can start to make pieces that fit what will be the finished card.  If I'm using patterned paper, I select the shape that will be cut out and fill it with a pattern from the Silhouette Library.  I have also started to use a different colour line for the outline of shapes that will be eventually cut in different colours.  It only takes seconds when designing the card but saves minutes when you come dissect all the parts ready to cut.

You can see that after I had designed the card I dissected it all.  I used colours similar to those that I used to eventually cut and placed them on the cutting mat in the places where my Silhouette Cameo was going to cut.

In actual fact, I did make a new file for the print and cut "Easter Blessings" message, but decided against using the message and stamped my sentiment on the reverse instead!

This does show, however, how I do use my Silhouette Software to design my cards, which is what I really wanted to show you today.

I hope you have time to craft soon.  It's my big crafting event a week tomorrow in Abingdon, let me know if you'd like a place.



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