Wednesday 3 April 2013

New home card

Good morning Friends,

I set myself a little task this morning, which was to make two cards in 10 minutes with bits and pieces I had hanging around, left overs, you could call them from other cards.  I made a card for a friend who's birthday it is on Saturday, it was a total copy of another one on here, so there was no need to photograph that one and the other one I made was this one...........

It's a card for a friend who has just separated from her husband and moved into a new home.  I'd been wanting to make a card for her for more than 2 weeks but with my aches and pains and lack of inspiration it just didn't happen!   

Setting myself the goal this morning of making two cards in 10 mins was just what I needed.  I rushed to look for a "new home" stamp but found a really old set of mine containing the sentiments you see on the card, which I thought would be much more fun and very appropriate!  

At times like these a friend really needs to make sure her friend has all the essentials!

Why don't you set yourself a goal and make those cards that need to be made in 10 mins!

Have fun with it.


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