Tuesday 4 June 2013

That's the Ticket - new baby card

Hello Friends,

I am really behind with my card making.....I must have been very busy looking busy again!  I've decided that I'm an expert in looking really busy, not getting all that much done, ever -  but at least I look busy - lol!!!

Yesterday it was great catching up with my friend Keren Baker from my Stampin' Up days, she is an absolute hoot and one of the most gorgeous ladies I've ever met.  She had a long drive  from Liverpool to Bournemouth so I offered her a stop over, making her journey a little easier.  It was so nice to have her here, I loved cooking for her and giving her just a little break from her "norm"!

I took her for a walk by the river Thames and showed her around our little town, the weather was perfect for our little adventure.  She did make me laugh though, when she saw what flowers we had in our town gardens.....which I'm sure she'll share on her blog.

Tomorrow I'm off to see my mate Peg, I can't believe that I'm seeing both my favourite ladies from my Stampin' Up days in one week - yippee!!!  So before I go off for my skive, I thought I'd catch up with a couple of cards, you know the ones - the one's I've been far too busy to make ;)!

Here is the first.....

....a new baby card.  It's for a lady I watched grow up, I even baby sat for her once and now I'm making her a new baby card.  Just in case you think I've made a stamping error, the teddy on the shelf is jumping for joy at the thought of a new baby to be cuddled by!

I used all Stampin' Up products, Whisper White, Bashful Blue, Sahara Sand, That's the Ticket & Little Additions.

Now I have That's the Ticket stamp set out on my desk, I might just make another, very important card!

Happy crafting.


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  1. lovely card - been mega busy - we moved about 2 weeks ago and im up to my eyes in coursework and exams - i have another 5 weeks to go- i hope i can get it all finished in time x