Wednesday 25 December 2013

HAG Capisco Puls Chair - JBL Office Supplies, Oxford


Look what Santa bought me.....

I'm such a lucky girl!  It fabulous, you can sit on it forwards, backwards or sideways.  It rocks like the easiest rocking chair (or locks to keep it still), the seat goes up and down, the back goes up and down and the seat goes forwards and backwards - fabulous engineering and a must for someone with a bad back!

I'd like to say that it took quite some time to find this chair and I drove miles and miles looking for it, only to find it right here in Oxfordshire, 10 minutes from my door!

I've decided to blog about it hoping that if anyone else in Oxfordshire should need/want one of these amazing chairs then they really don't have to leave our county!

Go to THIS link, you will get great service, no lies and a very good price!

Off to take it for a spin around my kitchen - oh the JOY!

Enjoy your day and thanks for popping by my little blog.



  1. Peg, there is a video, you can't see it on your iPad! Apple don't allow Youtube, I don't think. C x

  2. Apple do allow Youtube but can't see it x