Friday 18 September 2015

Silhouette Rhinestones & Silhouette Print and Cut

Hello Friends,

On this next leg of my Rhinestone marathon, I've used a Dragonfly image that I downloaded from the Silhouette Design store on a hessian bag.

My remit from Silhouette UK was to "bling up anything"!  If you have been following my blog for a while, you'll probably be aware that I'm a strictly "papercrafting" type of girl, so "blinging up anything" was scary and right out of my comfort zone!

You will have seen in my post from the day before yesterday, that I did manage to "bling up" a make-up bag, but I cheated (a bit), I attached the rhinestones with Multi-Matt Medium from Ranger.  It was also pretty difficult and fiddly), I had to find a book (set of small books actually) to fill the bag with which did just about hold it steady and firm for me to carefully attached the bling!

So with complete trepidation, knowing that I had only once chance to get this project right, I set about "blinging up" my hessian bag!

I thought I'd share a couple of working photos for you to see, in this post, so to explain some of the tasks involved with Rhinestoning (don't think that's a word)!

On this first picture you can see that I've selected and cut out several Rhinestone images on the Rhinestone template material.  I've attached this cut out sheet onto the Rhinestone Backing Board, which makes it really stable and very easy to work with.  There are a couple of sheets of each in the Rhinestone Starter kit.

On this next picture you can see the tool that is included in the kit, which you swipe across the Rhinestone and as if by magic the Rhinestones (mostly) end up the right way round in the holes.

Some of holes do get missed, so I used my Silhouette "Pickmeup" tool to pick up extra Rhinestone and place them in the missing gaps.

When you've filled your image with your Silhouette Rhinestones you use the special Rhinestone transfer tape (also included in the starter kit) to pick up all the Rhinestones ready to transfer them onto your project.  I'm sorry I don't have a picture of that bit, I needed both hands and had to lift them gently to get them all!

I laid transfer the tape onto my bag gently, covered it with one of my husbands (clean) white hankies and ironed all those little Rhinestones on!  It worked like a dream, so much quicker to iron them on like that.

I let the glue cool down slightly before removing the transfer tape, which came off really easily and I've saved it back onto the backing sheet, as I'm sure it will work for at least one more transfer.

So without further ado, here's my finished bag and a couple of matching extras.....

Doing this project has given me the confidence to "bling up" more things, I'm sure now that when I'm out and about I'll be looking for things to "bling"!

For the matching tag and card, I used the same file, but this time I was able to "Scale" the size of the Rhinestone pattern down, which you can't do if you are going to use the Rhinestone image for actual "Rhinestoning"!  I scaled the Dragonfly down and used the "Print & Cut" feature in the Silhouette software.  I filled the scaled down design with a patterned paper, printed it off onto a nice sheet of white card and then cut out the scalloped shape around it.  I then used my pen tool in my Silhouette Cameo for the sentiment and a couple of rubber stamps and matching ink, to make the background more interesting.

Here are some of the links you'll need if you plan on trying out for yourself what I've made:

Rhinestone Starter Kit
Pickmeup tool

Rhinestone Dragonfly
Artisans Nesting Rectangle

Phew, that really was another "marathon", a marathon post within my marathon Rhinestone Silhouette UK event!

Hope you get some time to try out some new ideas using your Silhouette machine soon!

Happy Silhouetting and thanks for popping by.

Carole x

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