Sunday 22 November 2015

Why do I need a Silhouette Mint?

Hello Friends,

Why do I "need" a Silhouette Mint?

I expect most paper crafters would like to know exactly why they do need a Silhouette Mint, especially if they are crafters who like to use rubber stamping techniques on their projects.

I've had my Silhouette Mint for almost a week and already I'm really pleased to have it, I have a whole head full of ideas now, of why I need it and what stamps I plan to make.

The first stamp I made, I made with little thought, I was excited to try it out and get a stamp made as quickly as I could, so I chose to make one with "Happy birthday" on it!

That was quite probably a mistake because I have so many stamps in my stash and I dare not even begin to count how many I have with that sentiment on!

For a crafter wanting to venture into rubber stamping this little Mint, would be perfect.  They could be making all the sentiments they need, at what size and shape they want them.  All they need is a small stock of the blank supplies at home ready and waiting.  With the supplies on hand a stamp can be made very quickly, no need to order one, go and shop for one, pick up one that's not quite right...the list goes on!

For me though, someone who probably has in excess of 2000 stamps in her stash, why would I need one and how much use would I get out of it?

It didn't take me long to realise that this little gem of a product was probably best used for mass production of stamping projects.  The stamps made are absolutely perfect for mass production, they really don't need re-inking very often and miss stamping with them, is far less likely than a regular stamp.

After making the little "for you Aardvark" stamp, for a tag to go with a gift we'd bought (a picture of an Aardvark), I got thinking about mass production.  After all, the person we'd bought the picture for loved Aardvarks, so I guessed she'd like a few tags that she could use for gifts that she sent, so I set about making some to include in with the picture, as an additional gift......

I cut the tags out on my Silhouette Cameo, when I do projects like this that require stamping, I always cut out an extra bit for the stamping part, just in case I mess up!  There wasn't any messing up on these.  They were very easy to make and stamp.

After making those little tags I thought that I'd need to package them up, so I made this little bag and extra tag as a closure for the bag....

I cut the bag and tag bits out on my Silhouette Cameo too, the name "Alison" was written on the Cameo, I used a pen tool in the blade holder - simple!

Here is a picture of the parcel almost ready to send....

I think the extra tags make the gift that bit more special, made possible by quickly stamping, without re-inking that little stamp!

To finish off the whole look, I printed off a large picture, of the original image that I'd found on the internet ready to write the address.....

I didn't stop there, I promised Silhouette UK that I'd make them some projects for Hochanda, come back tomorrow to have a look at what I've made for them!

Thanks for looking today, I hope you enjoy your Silhouette Mint, when it arrives, if it hasn't already ;)!

Carole x

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