Monday 4 January 2016

Planner stamp - Silhouette Mint

Hello Crafty Friends,

I'm back today to share with you all another stamp that I've made using my Silhouette Mint, for my 2016 planner.

Just like the last stamp I shared with you, I'm hoping to be using this one quite a bit too!

Sometimes I get carried away with crafting, designing and making pretty stuff and forget the other important stuff I have to do!  I thought I'd use this little stamp in my planner at least two or three times a week.  I could have added a border around the words, arrows and the little frog, but I guessed that would restrict the space I could use to write, so I decided to leave it without a border.  You will see from the picture above what I mean about space to write.  The stamp is a 45mm x 45mm one, which is just about the right size for my planner.

I hope this gives you a little inspiration, a different idea for stamp that is great "custom made" by me for me!

Hope you find some time to use your Silhouette machines soon.

Happy crafting.

Carole x

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  1. As ever, practical and creative! Not sure this is the most fun post I`ve seen on your site, but it is very very useful for motivation. I think I also have a strikingly similar to-do list to yours... how funny!