Saturday 20 May 2017

Groovi Piercing Grids & Parchment Treasures

Hello friends,

I'm definitely on a roll, feeling totally inspired by these miniature works of Parchment craft.

Today I have another green one, I do love the colour green and I really like this shade!  Whilst looking through my Groovi plates to see what I can use for todays card, I found one of my absolute favourite ones, the Wren & Daisies baby plate.

One simple daisy in the middle of all that parchment lace would look great, I thought.  I used the Groovi Straight Border grid again and found the inspiration for the border on this piece on Tina Cox's blog.  She really is inspirational, I love her work.

I hope you find some time to get into the Groove with Groovi today ;)!

Happy parching.

Carole x

1 comment:

  1. Unfortunately I have been on the clarity sale page!

    So please you are back in the Groovi groove.