Monday 28 November 2011

Flowers and cards of support for us


What a lucky girl I am.  My lovely Stampin' Up upline, Michelle Last has sent me this gorgeous display of flowers as she couldn't get to me last week to give me a hug.  I have also received some lovely cards from friends who are praying things will work out for my Sarah and praying for my pain to disappear.

Thank you so much ladies, I feel blessed with the friends I have, it really makes a difference chatting to friends too, so thank you to all of you who have listened to me this past week, I'm really grateful.

With love to you all.


Thursday 24 November 2011

Doin' what I like.......

......... with what I like!

It's been a difficult couple of months and with more unwanted news this Monday, I have decided life is just too short and I'm too old to be told what to do all the time!  I'm a crafter and you all know how much I like the major company that I usually support whole heartidly, but just sometimes there is a need to break a rule or two and with the news I've had this week, I'm doing what I like with what I like and sharing with all of you what I've used and whom I have gained the inspiration from because I want to!

I have taken a few on-line classes over the last year or two and many of these classes show all product types and companies including the one I have liked and supported most for quite a while.  So I feel it only fair to share with you the inspiration behind this lovely card I made today for a friends birthday.....

The inspiration came from Stephanie Ackerman, she is a fabulous doodle artist and has a lovely inspiring blog, you can take a look at it here.  I took one of her doodling classes last year and I took another one just the other month and enjoyed every minute. 

She has recently designed a set of stamps and one of them especially reminded me of my daughter Sarah, the stamp is an image of a sweet girl, her name is Ginger and reading how Stephanie described her personaility, Sarah jumped to my mind immediately.  What Stephanie didn't know was that Sarah likes to been seen out in riding boots, horses have so much more energy than she has.

With the image of Sarah, Ginger in mind, I just needed to get Ginger in my stash, so whilst shopping at the on-line American site (here)  I added a few more bits to my "cart", as you do, including the stamps used in the card above.

Obviously apart from the stamps everything else is from that lovely company I support so often.

Happy crafting.