Thursday 3 May 2012

Part 2, Day 6 - A Cut Above

I am finally back with the project that I'd hoped to have posted yesterday, but unfortunately I worked for quite a while on my Silhouette software and I think I perhaps "over stretched it"!  Either that or my computer got a little too hot!

The class was all about cutting letters out and as I am supposed to be doing more scrapbooking, now that I am mostly retired I thought, I make a page.

I read Jennifer's blog yesterday and she put a link up of a Proctor and Gamble ad that was all about the forthcoming London Olympics and how proud parents were of their achieving children.  It made me think of how proud I am of my own.  My girls have done so well and looking back now, I'm pleased I pushed them, encouraged them, showed them a choice, showed them they could do well.  I woke them early, encouraged them to work hard at school, fed them the best and most healthy food and most importantly I really loved them and treasured them.

Even though they both suffer with Marfan Syndrome, they have never let that hold them back, in fact I think it has made them want to live their life more fully and I'm so proud of that.

This is my Kim, she is doing her finals at uni right now, before she ventures off to France for her first job, she is my European Miss and I am certainly going to miss her whilst she is away.

All the images were downloaded and cut with my Silhouette.  I changed one of the colours of the Print and Cut file in the top left image.

Now I'm off to check out and catch up with today's lesson and hoping to incorporate of page of my Sarah with that lesson ;) !

Happy crafting.


Tuesday 1 May 2012

Part 2, Day 5 - A Cut Above

I am so going to miss this class when it's finished, I am having an amazing time!  The beginning of May is one of my sad times and this class is just helping me through nicely.

Here is a card I created after today's great class....

Jennifer called this a puzzle piece card, we cut out the bits on our Silhouette's, took off the waste around the shapes and carefully placed it on top of a note card, then coloured and filled in the cut pieces.  I thought this one was going to be pretty easy, but some of the tiny edge bits were very fiddly!!  I stamped my greeting for quickness and chose one star to be completely glittered.

Hope you like it and happy crafting.


Part 2, Day 4 - A Cut Above

After the class yesterday I have had a ball designing a Silhouette Print and Cut file.  Kristina gave a fabulous video demonstration on how to go about making an image to print and cut and I set myself to work on it this morning.

This is a picture of the cutting mat, after I'd taken off the waste card stock around my printed and cut images...

I designed and made the "Happy Birthday" card topper as one whole piece and added duplicated flowers exactly the same as those on the topper so I could use my glossy accents on them and raise them up on top of the printed flowers on the topper base.

The other flowers are from the Silhouette site which I downloaded, printed and cut, just to use up the space available on my card stock.  I will try and post what I make with those later.

Here is the finished card......

I used Whisper White card stock from Stampin' Up as the base and decided to stamp another piece with the polka dot stamp as a mat, mounted the topper that I'd made and cut, finally finishing off with the glossy extra flowers.

It was quite time consuming, but I enjoyed every minute of it.

The design idea came from this card I saw on Shari Carroll's lovely blog.

Enjoy the rest of your day and thanks for taking time to look at my blog today.

Happy crafting.