Thursday 2 December 2010

Day two of Christmas

I turned on the t.v. this morning only to see for the second day in a row the terrible disruptions being caused by our early snow fall.  It looks just like Christmas and the general feeling of good will and community spirits are making it feel like Christmas too.  I saw on the news, a farmer taking midwives into work on his tractor and people all gathering around sharing infomation on train times etc.  I love all this community spirit, it seems a shame it takes a huge blanket of snow to bring the best out, in us all.

I called my friends this morning who live in South Yorkshire, their village is just next to the one where there are 200 lorries stranded.  He told me that his neighbours were being great, he called one last night to ask if he could borrow an onion to cook with, its funny he said, he had grown lots this year and they were all in his greenhouse drying out, just a shame he couldn't open his back door, let alone get to his greenhouse.  Now things must be bad if you can't get to your onions!

I've decided to work from home again today, funny that - we hardly have any snow, we are so very lucky, but at least I do have the best job in the world and I can stay in and craft and still call it work!

Here is a piccy of me taken this morning after bringing in our bins:

You see hardly any snow and still not cold enough to wear jeans, although I did pop on a jumper!

Back to what am I doing about Christmas today though.........well nothing actually.  It's my brother-in-laws birthday next week and I felt the need to make a little card for him instead.  Here it is, I hope you like it:

On my crafting table at them moment I only have my Stampin' Up In Colours out.  I really love them, I have a class on Friday evening and thought I'd use nothing but In Colours for this class, so this card had to be an In Colour.  I used Concord Crush, which is a really deep purple and two Stampin' Up Stamp sets; Afterthoughts (level one hostess set) and Party This Way, which we were given at Convention and I thought then that it was a great Stampin' set for male cards.

As it is my Day Two of Christmas, I did pop a little reindeer into the piccy........I just had to really!

Happy crafting, see you tomorrow.



  1. hi carole great blog today love the card you made and you sound even better today ,
    keep up the good work
    see you soon i hope
    love suexxx

  2. Hi Carole, you know I love your Dress! You have everytime Summer. But that photo makes me "Hühnerhaut".
    Bye from Germany Irene

  3. You must have frozen your bits off; still wearing your summer skirt tee hee. great card and concorde crush is a favourite of mine too.
    Love that Irene has left you a comment she is very talented just like you x

  4. Good grief Carole ... if I'd have gone outside today showing that much flesh, I'd be in hospital by now with hypothermia! It took me nearly 2 hrs to dig myself out this morning ... mind you we too have community spirit here in North Yorkshire ... a local fish 'n chip owner brought FREE bags of chips for all those stuck in their cars ... now that's what I call a Good Samaritan! PS: Oh, and I love the reindeer!