Wednesday 1 December 2010

First day of Christmas

Well it really is the first day of Christmas and I am determined to be happy about it.  I signed up for an on-line class today that is going to support me through this busy and what I normally normally find a stressful time!

The class is all about the 37 days of Christmas and I am going to make time each day to 'enjoy' these special days we have.  I am supposed to blog, scrapbook, take a piccy or journal my way through the next 37 days.  I am hoping to put time aside each day to do something that might just end up as a nice paper-crafting project.

Lets just see how far I get................I hope to share all my progress with you!

So we are now on DAY ONE......

Today I joined the class and thought that that was enough for the day, but now it's around 7.30 p.m. and I can share with you more of my JOY today.  Firstly, I know it's boring but I did get my ironing done!  Then my lovely downline, Rose, came for lunch and she sat and made her ATC swaps (for a group she attends each month).  She was using some lovely Stampin' Up products and her ATC was really Christmassy and lovely.  Then I had my hair cut - I meant to ask DH to take a piccy of me getting my hair done, but I forgot so I did get one of him having his cut (it wasn't good!) and one of our lovely hairdresser, Michelle.

Thinking that was all the excitement round here for today and pondering my next move.... was I going to do a blog post?....... make a scrappin' page?........ or write note in my diary to remind me to write something later?.........then the door bell rings and it's a very nice man collecting money for the local Lions club.  Father Christmas travels around here every year collecting money for the charity.  I emptied all the coins from my purse in the excitement and rushed back to get my camera, only to witness the actual "Father Christmas" leaving my neighbours house!  Well I called him, "Father Christmas!" I shouted, but he didn't hear me and was off towards another house and it was too cold to wait, so I took a photo of his road sleigh and ran indoors.  I called my neighbour and asked how she had managed to have him call at her house.  Obviously, I said, "He's called at yours because you have a BMW on the drive and your house looks posher than mine."  "Oh no," she replied, "I stood in my porch with my jumper pulled right up and he came right over and said that I was a good girl!"

The conversation went on........but I couldn't possibly share the rest, my neighbours are very respectable, they go to church and everything........ just thinking, perhaps the Lord really thought I needed a good laugh today and he gave one to me.....thank you Lord!

So this is the photo of Santa's sleigh (trailer!).

Hope to be back tomorrow.

Happy Stampin' and crafting for now.



  1. hi carole i am so pleased to see you are feeling so much better and able to blog again, miss you so much when you are not able to blog
    miss you loads ,
    lots of love sue xxx

  2. What a great blog post, you make me laugh xxx

    Keep up the blogging it's good for you x