Tuesday 2 June 2009

I'm back...........

Hi everyone,

It is ages since I blogged, I do apologise to my regular readers.

Let me get you all up-to-date.........

I think it was about 3 weeks ago when I was invited to attend a talk on "de-cluttering" and with only a month to go (at that time) before my girls returned home from university, I knew I had a serious amount of work to do!! As crafters, sometimes we tend to let our little hobby spread around the home and I had realised that whilst my little darlings were away from home, I had just put this there and that on top etc filling their bedrooms with stuff!! lol!!

I feel that by attending the talk, I gained energy to tackle the job and tackle it I have.........well started! lol

During the talk the speaker made me realise how much time we do actually have and how much more time we could have, to do the things we want, if we just did quickly and immediatley the jobs we need to get out of the way first. She also spoke of ways in which we waste our time, or more like it really, how we pass our time doing something which takes longer than we thought! This in mind, I realised that I did spend a lot of time "surfing the net" so I felt I should have a break for a month to see if I could just spend that time de-cluttering our home.

The result up to now is, that I am feeling a lot better about my girls coming home and that there will be space for their stuff (or most of it, they don't know it yet but they will be de-cluttering too!) Also I do feel less tired since a lot of stuff has gone and am looking forward to the time when I am up-to-date with it all.

If you are interested in finding out more about de-cluttering, email me and if we can get enough ladies together I might ask the speaker to spend a few hours with us.

I will post again later with requests from some of "my ladies".

Take care, happy de-cluttering and crafting.



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