Wednesday 29 July 2009

Full nest syndrome!

Apologies for not posting for a while. I was having a good think over breakfast this morning about the excuse I was going to give and thought of excuses I would have loved to give like; my paperwork is up-to-date, just like all my household chores or I've been out enjoying all the wonderful sunshine perhaps even holidaying taking lots of lovely pics to scrap...........but of course none of these are true and the only reason I could really come up with was "Full Nest Syndrome". I didn't really suffer with the reverse of this, of course because my girls were not really that far away, but now they are back...........with all their STUFF (and many of you know, I am sure, it's STUFF that depresses me!)

So I've been busy with my girls and their friends, life was so quiet here, everything ticked along nicely and now I'm back to all those "mother" type duties, I just don't switch off, I am like the mother hen, clucking around her chickens...........shame really as my chickens would now be more than happy for me to "cluck off"! lol :)

I have been crafting though, I caught Sarah emailing a friend the other day and was typing about me she wrote "can't believe it, I go to bed and she's card making and when I get up she's doing it, she's addicted", well at least she has realised!

I find all this typing fine on my blog, what I find difficult (and time consuming) is clearing space to take the photo, taking the photo, importing it (them, actually! - I always take a few to choose from) and of course labelling it all and the computer programming incorporating other blogs and people I want to credit.

Oh well, at least you are updated for now and you are all aware that if you are passing or fancy a coffee, you are more than welcome to drop in to see my creations, that's got to be far better than me photographing them!

But especially for all my lovely loyal customers who have told me they check my blog and have been disapointed with my lack of posts heres a little something for you:

This is the other reason for not blogging, I've been searching for this carwash, my lovely friend Chris sent this pic to me and I've been looking for it ever since! If any of you know where it is please spill the beans, my car is awfully dirty!

Something very nice and proper coming up later today.

Happy crafting.



  1. Now if I knew where this carwash was would I really tell you or would I be on my way instead of replying to your lovely blog.Chris F

  2. I'd be interested in building a house next door to the car wash! Wow!
    Rachael B