Thursday 18 February 2010

Proud Mum

I just wanted to share something lovely that happened today, some of you might know that I have two daughters that suffer from Marfan Syndrome and one also suffers with Cerebral Palsy and Scoliosis. I am really proud of my girls, they are particularly "bright" cookies, together with being nice natured and having caring personalities. We sometimes as parents forget all about how lovely our kids are, whilst we are in the middle of trying as hard as we can to help them progress, often nagging at them and even becoming cross sometimes! Well I've had a little wake up call today, my eldest daughter has a working contract for a year and the company that has employed her has requested medical information from her Marfan Consultant. A copy of his letter arrived this morning, which I read. I felt he had covered the medical problems well, without unduly worrying the company, assuring them that she was well looked after and that she attended regularly for check ups.

He finished that letter with this final paragraph:

"Can I add one further thing? In a professional capacity I have met with Sarah and other members of her family. They are some of the most personable, well balanced patients I think I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Sarah is a real trooper and would be a great asset to any company wishing to employ her. She will need occsional days for hospital visits, but the upside of this young ladies intellect and personality will more than compensate I am sure."

I am so thrilled that he thinks of us in that way, that I have searched through my card box and will send him this card to thank him:

It was made before I joined Stampin' Up, but I feel I wanted to spend the little time I have thinking about what to write to him, not actually making another card. I'm still not quite sure of what to say, but I certainly think he has given the company not only a comprehensive medical overview of her condition but a job reference of the highest of order.

Hope you don't mind me sharing.

Happy crafting.



  1. dear carol
    this only confirms what we all think of you as a parent and as a family, we all know how hard it is being a mum,but it is even harder having children with problems and i think you are a great insperation to all of us , and yes this company are very lucky to have sarah,she will give them her best at all times ,we all know that .take care xxxxx

  2. Carol, you must be chuffed.
    Congratulations to Sarah x