Wednesday 3 March 2010

I love my ladies!

Hello everyone,

I have had the most wonderful day today. I have had one of my all day workshops here, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. We made some lovely projects, all in our own time with lots of stops for coffee, chats and even cooking demonstations!

All those of you who would like to lose a stone in 5 weeks should email me separately and I will let you know all my secrets - and every day you can eat chips!

I enjoyed so many parts of my day and my ladies make me laugh but the biggest laugh today goes to my wonderful Stampin' Up customer who ordered some things over the email and posted me a cheque with this card:

Bless her, she wanted to send me something handmade quickly, so that she could get her cheque in the post and I think this card has got to be one the best cards I've ever had! I just called her and asked if it was OK to add it to my blog and she was happy to make you all smile just like I did!

I could add now that - this is actually how I feel right now, as after a whole days teaching I may have had a glass of wine (or even 3)!

Hope it makes you all smile and thanks Lesley, you are a star!

Happy creating......


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