Tuesday 20 July 2010


I have two new hobbies, not sure when I am going to have time for them, but I do have two new hobbies!  One of which is cupcake making, very inconveniently timed when my DH is on a diet!  The other of which I might share with you some other time!  It would take far too much time to tell you all about it now (but thanks to Fiona C who introduced me to it - x )

Well DH is hoping that I spend much more time on my other new hobby, but his eyes did light up when he smelt what was cooking this afternoon.

Here are a couple of pics:

C U P C A K E S ! ! !

Wow these are special, I only made 6 (first trial) and the first one decorated had to go to my lovely neighbour Jimmy Rowe, who happily lent me his nozzle (piping of course!) so that I could have a little go at fancy icing.

So as David is on a diet and losing lots of weight and I'm gaining what he loses :(, why did I think to come up with Cupcakes now?  Don't ask, OK I'll share.... I went to a fund raising event for our local hospice, Sobell House, at the weekend and I ate the most delicous cupcake (for charity, I had to, honestly the money was going to charity and it wouldn't have looked good if I had said I was on a diet!). Enjoying that cake made me think that I could also make cupcakes and have spent the past couple of days researching the subject and this is my first attempt.  Malteser cupcakes, oh I wish they weren't so flippin' good!

I can't imagine trying any other recipe now!

So if you fancy trying my special cupcakes you will have to start attending some of my workshops/crops, where I hope to be making cupcakes for charity.  I want to raise money for the Marfan Association, which is the association that supports families affected with this light limiting Syndrome.

If you would like me to make you some, let me know and I'll see if I have any time.

Happy creating.


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  1. your cup cakes look delicious next time i come over i will expect to try one
    love sue xx