Saturday 28 April 2012

Part 2, Day 3 - A Cut Above

I made three cards after being inspired to create yesterday by the lesson, which was all about what else we could cut with our Silhouette's.

When I bought my machine more than 6 months ago, I also purchased the kit to be able to cut out material and this was it's first outing!

I loved making these cards, even though I had to make friends again with my ironing board - LOL!!!

I'm so pleased I bought that Stampin' Up fabric now - another unused item in my stash, now being loved and used ;) !

Happy Saturday.



  1. Hi Carole -- I found your blog after seeing your newest cards in the Class Gallery and then also saw your posts on my blog -- Thank YOU!!

    I'm now a new follower and really enjoying this awesome class. It's also nice to see you sharing your fabric projects in the Gallery. I have yet to try fabric or even Vinyl, which is bad, since I have had the vinyl kit for awhile now. But...I think I'll break it out today, as it looked pretty easy to use after seeing the vidoes.

    I did not realize, at first that your cards were made with I know I'm going to want to try that idea too! :)

    I wish more of the participants would share so we can see all the projects!!

    Thanks for visiting me and looking forward to seeing you in class on Monday!!

    Happy Crafting,

    PS: Did you know that you have Word Verification turn ON? I just thought I'd tell you, as I really struggle with those silly words!

  2. gorgeous cards, look even better in real life!! x

    1. Thanks Debs, it was nice to see you on Sat. C x

  3. Love the fabric on the cards, what a great feel it adds.
    I struggle with word verification too. LOL

    1. Thanks Angel, I've tried to leave you comments but I can't - I've tried several times, I am hopeless with computers! I'm struggling with Flicker, apologies. C x

  4. I've really enjoyed looking at all your class cards, Carole. You have come up with some stunners. I'm really enjoying the class but haven't had time to make many things yet.

    1. Thank you, I've spent lots of time playing because I'm enjoying the class so much! See you in the classroom this week! C x

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Anita, I'm looking forward to see what you put on your new blog. Good luck with it.

  6. These are brilliant. I've got my eye on a system but not sure which one to go for!
    Need to give you a ring and catch up!