Wednesday 30 January 2013

Clean & Simple 2 - Day 3

Hello Friends,

I'm back today with a couple of cards from the lessons learned today over at the Clean & Simple 2 class.

We had 3 great lessons, but I have tried only one so far.  I know one shouldn't rush one's homework, but with several things all happening at once around here this afternoon, I felt that I rushed to make a card whilst it was still light outside to be able to photograph it!

Here is my first card......

We were trying to get a great rainbow effect mixing inks.  To tell you the truth I probably have a great stamp to do this technique with somewhere, but my stash is not all that organised and in my rush I picked this old stamp, started to pull it off the sheet and tore it, right in half - whoops!  I quickly put the two pieces together on my block and you'd never know!

I soon realised that it would take me some time to fill a page with this and I wasn't actually pleased with the lightest colour I chose, so I stamped over it again with the middle colour, which has given a blurred sort of look to the top line (another lesson)!  The card has turned out to be clean and simple but a little too basic for my liking.

I'll be back with the other card in a minute!



  1. Very sweet Carole. I love this color combo.

  2. I think you are too hard on is a sweet card and any friend would be glad to receive it in the mail. :) I know I would!