Monday 29 April 2013

His & Hers - Day 1

Hello Friends,

Oh what a stressful couple of days I've had!  Thank goodness those lovely ladies over at On-line card classes have a new class starting today and thank goodness I booked my seat, right here on the front row!

The class is all about his and her cards and I'm hoping to make a his and her card each day this week, with supplies I have here, without buying anything new!

The first card here is my "her" card of the day.....

I used this old Hero Arts stamp, I can't imagine how many years I've had it, but I've never used it in this way, and am so pleased to have taken this class which inspired me to do so.

This is my "his" card of the day, I actually made this one first, as I thought it would take a long time to come up with a card for a gent, but it really wasn't all that hard when I followed  the ideas given in class.

I mixed up the sentiment from two different sets, which was also mentioned in class today.

I thought the use of stars for a man was a little better than hearts or flowers and I've had this star punch for I don't know how long either!

I'm so much happier now I've crafted, oh and played Neil Diamond all day - quite loud!

I'd encourage anyone to take this class, just click on the link in my side bar.

Happy crafting.



  1. Love your addition of the 3D flowers and the butterfly. Very nice job.

  2. Oooh, I just love your manly card. Is that strip patterned paper or stamped? it's very effective...

  3. Kylie, it's stamped. I used a Tim Holtz background stamp. C x

  4. Stunning! A+ to you for Assignment 1!! I can't wait to get home from work to get started. Thanks for sharing and inspiring; hope your stress level has gone waaaayyyy down with a dose of crafty dabbling.

  5. Hi Carole ~ Thanks so much for scouting out my site - at about the same time I was 'strolling' through yours. Wow - loads of creativity and talent shining here! So much inspiration! Looking forward to more of your cards as class unfolds; off to watch videos, stare at my stash for a while and hope that my muse is in sparked.
    c (carol)

  6. Your flowers are so "happy" and the added flower punches and butterfly really make the card design that more beautiful and fun.

  7. Your Hers card is so happy, with wonderful colors and dimension. It is fun to see how your design changed to a His by toning down colors and using less whimisical shapes and patterns.

  8. What great cards! Very pretty!

  9. Great take on lessons from day one. Both are great cards, Like your floral embellishments and butterfly on the first one very nice work!.

  10. Love these! You've obviously been really inspired. Love the masked flowers- clever !