Saturday 8 June 2013

Easel Card - New Home

Hello Friends,

Seems that everyone is moving around here!  I've lived here, for what seems, almost forever and had the same neighbours for years and years and now it seems to be all change!  About this time last year we had new neighbours opposite, who are lovely and now a new family has moved in next door but one to them.

To welcome them, I thought I'd make a little card.....

 I decided to make another easel card, I seem to go through stages and I'm definitely back into easel cards again.  Here is a better look at the front!
I'm not actually sure it is perfect for the family moving in, apparently they have 2 yr old twins and I'm sure I could have come up with something a little brighter and much more fun, but this will just have to do!  It seems to have taken me as long to make it as it taken them to move all their stuff in!

I decided to use Stampin' Up So Saffron card stock as my base, because I knew it would match the current decor in their new home!  If it had been red or pink, it just would have looked out of place in their lounge!

Thanks for popping in to see what I've made today.

Happy crafting.


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  1. It's the stamp set again and love your new photo's and of course the card lol x