Thursday 8 May 2014

Watercolor the AI way! Water Color for Card Makers - Day 3

Hello Friends,

Oh me, oh my, this takes me back absolutely years and years!  I am currently enjoying the latest On-line Card Class, Water Color for Card Makers and yesterday Kristina shared a card she made using AI stamps, some of which I have!

I started a little crafting business with these stamps, which has to be at least 10 years ago, I used to go to various women's groups with my stamps and pens and give a whole demonstration/comedy act on how to paint if you couldn't draw!  The ladies loved them and I actually did quite well and gained quite a few customers.

I moved on after a while, sold lots of my originals, but rummaging around in my garage, I found these boxes.... are my pens, I used to sit ladies in groups and they'd all have a set of pens and a set of stamps to borrow, which is why I have to many of the same color.

Here is a really clean looking box, some are used and some are not, all priced up for sale!.....

and here is one of the working boxes I had, trying to date these stamps is difficult, but you see that red blotch on the Happy Birthday stamp, it's part of a perished/melted rubber band that was holding some the the peel-off together.  How funny, I hate peel off's now, but they were useful when I was going around demonstrating this...

After watching the class yesterday, I went off looking at YouTube and found so many wonderful videos of Bonny Krebbs, I didn't get a thing done!

This morning, I dusted off those pens and the ones I tried, all worked!  Those Marvy LePlumes were good!  Here is my card......

I made it using the AI stamps and Marvy markers and of course, my plastic palette (I have many of them too)!  The card shape is cut on the Silhouette Cameo, as I'll be sending this card to a lady who I'm doing a Silhouette Cameo Swap with, this month.

I hope you like it, now I'd better go and check out the rest of those stamps.....just wish I knew where the rest were (I might have sold them, or I may have to rummage further in my garage)!

Happy crafting.

Carole x


  1. Beautiful card, Carole. I like the shape too. I have just got out my AI stamps to play with this afternoon!

  2. very beautiful card

    nice to brush off old supplies and use them - I do it every Monday - call it Oldie Moldie Monday :)

    Barb Housner

  3. So gorgeous, I love the beautiful image contrasted with the bright yellow!