Saturday 1 August 2015

Background Check - Day 6

Hello Friends,

I'm feeling quite sad that this is the last day of the Background Check class :( !  I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed it.  Just in case any of the teachers are taking a look at my little blog, I'd like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to them.  They are inspiring, inspirational and one of them just makes me smile (in fact, she cracks me up)!  What a great team!

So after watching all the videos of the teachers making their cards, with all the backgrounds made over the last two days, I decided to start with one of the backgrounds I haven't actually shared with you (because I thought I'd messed it up, I didn't feel the embossing was deep enough)!

I'm really pleased with the card though, it just goes to show that we shouldn't give up on something we thought wasn't quite as good as we'd wished!...

To make the background, our teacher used a large die which she used with a rubber mat to emboss the design into the card, in a letterpress type of style.  I looked for a similar die and couldn't find one, but I did find these.... really good and very talented friend, Keren Baker, bought these for me as part of my birthday present (bless her)!  So whilst they were still well held onto the backing sheet, I ran them through my die cutting machine with a piece of card and my rubber mat.  I felt the design was okay but felt the need to try again adding ink.....well you can see from the picture that the inked one didn't turn out quite as perfect as I'd have liked ;)!

I hope to come back and share some more cards soon.  I have many backgrounds needed to be turned into cards, but before I make any more, I need to clear up my work space.....desk/floor/shelves/top of my cupboards and my husband needs feeding ;)!

Thanks again for popping in to see what I've made and for all the comments from my previous posts.

Thanks again also, to the ladies who organise such inspiring and fun On-line Card Classes :)!

Happy crafting.

Carole x

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