Saturday 19 September 2015

Silhouette Rhinestone birthday card

Hello Friends,

My "little one" is 26 today!  Here is a picture of the card I've sent her.......

I've used Silhouette Rhinestones again ;)!  Rather than fill each of the the Rhinestone holes, I made for the frame, with actual Rhinestones, I filled them with glitter!  Very quick and easy, also a great idea when you are running out of your favourite colours of Rhinestones, or you are running out of time to sit and set your Rhinestones ;)!

The card was quick and easy to make and even though it is a card using Silhouette Rhinestones, I'm not counting this card as part of my Rhinestone marathon!

Hope you get some time to play with your Silhouette machine today.

Carole x

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