Monday 22 May 2017

Bristol Parchment Exhibition & Parchment Twinchie

Hello friends,

What an incredible day I had out at the Bristol Parchment Exhibition yesterday.  There were lots of very enthusiastic and talented Parchers there sharing their work, tips and tricks with us.

I took a little gift along with me to give to Tina Cox, she has totally inspired me to keep up my Parchment work by setting up the Parchment Twinchies group on FB.

Here is the little gift I made for her...

.... she's such a blessing in the Parchment world!

It's a tiny tissue box, the "bless you" in the heart, on the front is just 2 x 2"!  I got the file from the Silhouette store and cut it out on my Silhouette Cameo.

I learned a couple of new tricks whilst I was there yesterday.  One was to stipple the outline of an image on a Groovi plate and the other was how to colour with wax pencils and then watercolour pencils on top.

I made this little Twinchie this morning to have a very quick practice at the two techniques I'd learned....

...I was fairly happy with my stippled outline but not so happy with my colouring, I definitely need more practice on that!  Although, I was very happy with the blue background.

I used some old waxy pencils that I'd had years and years ago Karismacolor by Berol and blended the colours with Sansodor (my bottle is as old as my pencils)!  I hadn't thought to use Sansodor on Parchment, but it does work well, I used a blending nib by Ranger and worked round and round in circles.  The problem occurred when I tried to use water colour pencils on top, it went a bit grainy so I might just have to email the lady who taught me yesterday to see where I went wrong.

As for mounting my Twinchie, you can see from the last photo that I wrapped the Parchment Paper around the back of a two inch square of card stock and adhered it to the back.

The flower came from the Wedding Cake box.  It's a good size for such a little work of art.

I used Tina's Straight Piercing Border plate for the pricking.

I used a die from my stash to add the tiny holes to the front of my card.

My desk is in a total mess, I'm off to tidy it up before I dare work play any more ;)!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you find some time to craft today.

Carole x

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