Sunday 30 May 2010


I said that I would try and get back to you with the scrapbooking page I did yesterday. I was hoping to complete it, but actually decided it was OK just like it was. I might journal later, you might recoginise the photo, its my youngest daughter Kim, she has been at University for a couple of years now and has spent most of her free time away from home with her boyfriend, oh yes she popped in, spent some time here but its not like I expected. I thought she'd be home regularly for longer periods etc, etc etc. Well it seems that I am now going to see even less of her now, she has been offered a really great job in France, for her "year abroad", the contract is for 54 weeks! Then she needs to spend 3 months in Germany before she gets back for her final year at uni. So I made this page, as I can't stop thinking about her, chosing one of her "facebook" photos and all I could think of was how precious she is to us all, me, Sarah and David. She is always happy, she tries to cheer us all up if we are down and now she is off for a whole new adventure. I look at this page and realise how difficult it is letting our children "go free", letting them get their own lives, but hopefully she realises how precious she is to us and will take complete and utter care of herself!

Enjoy the page, its simple, but simple is what I do best!

and Kim, if you see this, please take care, we all love you very much.


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  1. Ahh, it will fly by Carole as life does and before you know it she will be back....