Tuesday 11 August 2015

Silhouette Cameo & Silhouette Portrait lessons

Hello Friends,

This morning I was supposed to be getting our home back to normal, after teaching for the last couple of days, but I felt inspired by the lovely ladies who came for lessons, that I spent most of the morning designing and making this card instead....

I always feel it's a pleasure to teach the basics of the Silhouette software.  People buy a Silhouette Cameo or a Silhouette Portrait thinking it will make for easy card making and scrapbooking and are sometimes a little disappointed when they realise there is a learning curve with the software.   Once the basics are learned crafting can be more precise and embellishments are much cheaper.

It took me quite a while to get my head around the software, when I first had my Silhouette SD,  a few years ago.  Only with the help of my computer minded husband, and my shear determination to learn all the basics, did I master the software to the level I now have.

Looking back, if I could have spent a day with someone learning all those basics, I could have saved myself at least 6 months of trial and error, wasted paper and card and many hours on YouTube!  This is why I decided to set up my little teaching business on the software.  I normally teach one-to-one, but now have the technology and space to teach 3 students at once.

The ladies I taught over the last two days were friends and came from different parts of the country.  They turned it into a girlie long weekend by staying in a Travel Lodge pretty close.  So if you think Oxfordshire is just a little too far, it's worth a thought about booking reasonably priced accommodation!

My email address is just over on the right of your screen, email me for details, if you'd like to know more.

Happy crafting and Silhouetting.

Carole x

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  1. Just gorgeous! love it and this might be on my list to make and do xx